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What happens if I decide not to pursue law school?

You are not obligated in any way to complete the scholars program or apply to law school. Of course, we want you to decide this as early as possible, so we've incorporated a course requirement during your first year to help give you a taste of what it’s like to be an attorney. You can also try out the Mock Trial Team to get some hands-on experience with being a trial attorney.

Can I walk with my undergraduate entering class at May Commencement?

Yes. But because Law School grades are not posted until June, Pre-law Scholars do not receive their diploma for their bachelor's degree until August of their fourth year. Cumulative GPA is calculated only after completion of the fourth year, so graduation honors are determined at this point.

Can I apply to another law school after taking the LSAT?

Yes. You are not obligated in any way to complete the scholars program or attend Marquette Law School. However, if you choose to apply to another law school, you do not have the advantages of the special admissions criteria of the scholars program. You'll be competing head to head with every other law school hopeful from around the nation.

What major should I choose?

You should study what interests you because law school does not require a specific major. The Pre-law Scholar application lists the majors to choose from. If you want to pursue a specific aspect of law, we can help you identify a major that will give you the foundational information you can build upon in law school.