Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies

The College offers interdisciplinary majors and minors in a number of fields including Africana Studies (major and minor), LatinX Studies (minor), Arab and Muslim American Studies (minor), Literatures of Diverse Cultures (minor) and Culture, Health and Illness (minor). Visit our minors web page for details and more.

Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Courses

For a full listing of courses focusing on Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies offered, see below.

  • ADVE 4200 Gender and Race in Advertising from the Inside Out

  • ANTH 3100 Urban Anthropology

  • ANTH 3930 Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa

  • ARSC 4953 Seminar in Urban Social Issues

  • COMM 4500 Race and Gender Issues in Mass Media

  • EDUC 1220 Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society

  • ENGL 2020 I Am We: Memoirs of the Civil Rights Movement

  • ENGL 4170 African American English: Language, Race and Power

  • ENGL 4830 Afro-Futurism: The Politics and Aesthetics of Black Utopias

  • HEAL 1025 Culture and Health

  • HEAL 1025 Culture and Health

  • HIST 4140 American Urban History

  • HIST 4931 Introduction to Latinx Studies

  • HIST 4953 Long Black Freedom Struggle

  • HIST 4955 History of Comparative Genocides

  • MANA 3035 Diversity in Organization

  • MUSI 2440 History of Jazz

  • POSC 4281 Urban Public Policy

  • PSYC 3210 The Psychology of Prejudice

  • SOCI 3250 Race and Ethnic Relations

  • SOCI 3550 Race, Gender and Medicine

  • SOCI 4250 African American Social Thought

  • SOCI 4270 Urban Sociology

  • SOCI 4400 Social Inequality

  • SOWJ 1001 Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice

  • SOWJ 3450 Arabs and Muslims in Global Diaspora

  • SPAN 4320 Latin American and Latinx Contemporary Issues

  • SPAN 4150 Spanish in the United States