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Q: When should I apply?

We recommend submitting your application one month before the posted deadline. The acceptance and placement process begins once your application is received and you are accepted into the program. Applying early will enable us to work closely with you on your placement. If the deadline has passed and you are still interested in applying, please contact the Les Aspin Center as soon as possible. We still may be able to find a placement for you.


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Q: What is the program eligibility?

Students need a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. It is recommended that students have junior standing or have completed Introduction to American Politics — POSC 2201 — or their university's equivalent.


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Q: Where do students live?

The Les Aspin Center offers its students comfortable, independent living arrangements in apartment buildings located four blocks from the Capitol. The apartment complex is conveniently located one block from the Les Aspin Center and a short walk from three Metro subway stations, including the one at historical Union Station. The apartments are also in close proximity to several shops, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, and entertainment sites.

The residence is located in a well-lit, well-kept, safe and highly patrolled area of Washington D.C. The individual housing units offer the following amenities:

• Fully furnished apartments
• House cleaning services
• Heating and air conditioning units
• Cable TV services
• Bedding (not including sheets)
• Large closets and chest of drawers
• Fully outfitted kitchens, including cookware, microwave, dishwasher, stove and toaster
• Free laundry facilities including detergent, irons and ironing boards


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Q: Do students need cars for travel?

No. Cars are not permitted, nor are they needed, based on the center's location and accessibility to Washington's world-class Metro system.


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Q: How much does the program cost?

Summer sessions: The approximate cost of the summer program is $6,550. The cost of the program includes tuition, housing and program fees.

Fall and spring semesters: For the 2012–13 year, the approximate cost of the program is $20,085, which includes tuition, housing and program fees.


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Q: How many credits do students earn?

Summer sessions: Students earn six credit hours.

The courses offered are:

• POSC 4986, Internship in Politics, 3 credits; POSC 4931, Topics in Political Science, 3 credits

Fall and spring semesters: Students earn 15 credit hours.

The courses offered are:

POSC 4221, Interest Group Politics, 3 credits; POSC 4201, The United States Congress, 3 credits; POSC 4986, Internship, 3 credits; ARSC 3370, The Arts and a Democratic Society, 3 credits; ARSC 4953, Urban Social Issues, 3 credits.


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Q: Which academic majors does the Les Aspin Center accept for internships?

We accept all majors. The Aspin Center has hosted students from political science, history, communication, English, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, business, nursing, public relations and international affairs.


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Q: Are internships paid?

Typically, internships are not paid. Occasionally, a congressional office may opt to pay his or her interns, but this is very rare.


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Q: How many days do students work?

In the spring and fall semesters, students work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and have class on Monday and Thursday.

In the summer, students work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and have class on Thursday.


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