The University Assessment Committee, an Academic Division committee, addresses and advances effective assessment of student learning at Marquette University.

The Committee is Responsible for:

Membership on the committee reflects the institutional-wide scope of assessment. The Committee shall consist of one faculty member with expertise in assessment from each of the colleges and schools which request direct representation, selected according to the rules of each unit and appointed by the Provost, and the Director of the Core Curriculum. In addition, representatives (one each) from the Office of Student Affairs, University Library, and Office of Institutional Research are appointed by the Provost on the basis of their expertise in assessment. The Committee may invite representatives from student services, such as, service learning, educational services, and campus ministry, to consult with the committee when necessary. The Committee shall be chaired by the Assessment Director, who serves as a non-voting member. The voting and non-voting members shall serve renewable three-year terms.


AY 2017-2018 Meeting Dates and Committee Members

Meeting Minutes