Graduate Student Research

Research Projects of Current Ph.D. Candidates in the Biomedical Sciences Department:

Matthew Herbst
Miami University of Ohio “Prefrontal-hippocampal-amygala circuit dynamics involved in learning and memory processes”

Evan Hess
Marquette University “The role of neuron-astrocyte communication in compulsive disorders”

Matthew Hurley
Marquette University “Neural mechanisms unerlying compulsive feeding behavior”

Adam Kirry
The Ohio State University “Prefrontal temporal lobe interactions in Pavlovian trace fear conditioning”

Linghai Kong
Shandong Normal University “PACAP regulation of system xc- and cocaine addiction”

Audra Kramer
Marquette University “Genetic therapy and rehabilitation to improve limb function following spinal cord injury”

Mykel Robbie
State University of New York at Buffalo “Aversive learning and dopaminergic neurotransmission”

Kayla Rohr
Coe College “The role of vasopressin signaling in SCN network function”

Mitchell Spring
Skidmore College “The role of affective state in motivated drug seeking”