Student Organization - Beta Alpha Psi

As a business professional, you are going to meet many different people in your career. A colleague, a member of a professional organization or social media group or even the person next to you on the plane may one day help you in your career. It’s called networking. An important way for students in a business school to gain networking experience is to be a member of a student organization. These organizations promote professional, career and social interests of the students and related majors.

In Accounting, the student organization is the Psi chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, a national accounting organization. This organization is very active and received recognition as a Superior Chapter for over 20 consecutive years. Recently, the chapter was one of 14 nationally to be named a KPMG Gold Challenge winner as a chapter that goes above and beyond requirements for the Superior Chapter category. To achieve this, the chapter had to show, among other items, a strong record of community service, development of leadership skills, close professional relationships, and strong academics.

To discover more about the Psi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, please visit their website.