Required Internship

Students accepted into the AIM program will be required to complete a summer internship between their junior and senior years. It most likely will not be possible for students to study abroad during their junior or senior years. Also, given the required AIM courses, it will be challenging for students to obtain a double major in business within four years.

Interviews for the summer internships will begin after acceptance into the AIM program.

  • AIM internship application

Internship Eligibility

Students must be admitted into the AIM Program and enrolled full-time at Marquette University prior to the internship period. The students must have completed their junior year prior to the summer internship and have successfully completed the following courses: Introduction to Financial Management (FINA 3001), Investment Analysis (FINA 4011), Introduction to Applied Investment Management (FINA 4310), Intermediate Accounting (ACCO 3001), and Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements (ACCO 4080). Students also need a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (4.00 scale).