Job Stories

Help Students by Sharing Your Job Stories

As students’ summer 2020 internship experiences are offered in new formats, delayed or cancelled, Business Career Center staff would like to offer informational resources that address some of the lost learning opportunities.  By providing a “Job Story,’ you can help!

What is a Job Story?  A “Job Story” may be a brief video (3 minutes recommended) or written advice related to the “story starter” prompts below.  If you are on the fence about submitting a video or sharing written advice, please submit a video!  Students appreciate videos and at this time with fewer interpersonal connections, we expect that a student’s ability to view the presenter will help with engagement, relatability and personalization.

Videos and written summaries will be posted to the Business Career Center website, shared through summer student communications, and with your permission, social media (LinkedIn, Instagram), with the contributor’s name, job title and employer.

Who Can Help? If your experience can offer career-related insights, your help is appreciated!  We welcome job stories from employers, alumni, mentors, parents, current students and other MU-supporters.

Story Starters - Content Ideas

Click on the headers below to view question prompts and suggested content areas.

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Major Selection

  • What inspired or motivated you to choose your major/majors?
  • How did the business curriculum at Marquette, and in particular your major(s), prepare you for your career?

About Your Position / Industry

  • Please provide your job title and describe the primary responsibilities you regularly fulfill. This description could include discussion of (1) the types of projects or contributions that you are involved with and/or (2) how your position fits into the larger efforts of your department or organization. 
  • Describe typical or possible career paths (promotion paths) within your industry or company type.
  • What do you enjoy most about your position and industry?
  • How has work in your field/industry changed in the past 2-4 years and what changes do you anticipate in the next 2-4 years?

Skill Development

  • What are the top skills you use (rely on) regularly in your position or industry? Do you anticipate that certain skills will become more important in the future?  How have the skills you rely on changed as you have changed positions or responsibilities within your career?
  • If you were to offer advice to a first- or second-year student interested in pursuing a path similar to yours, what recommendations would you offer? What extracurricular/co-curricular experiences or courses beyond what is required of the major did you find to be valuable?
  • Returning to school – how did you decide that additional education was the right choice for you?
  • Returning to school – what do you recommend that prospective students look for in a school and academic program.

Job Search Advice

  • Students are advised to learn about and understand the “industry norms” related to job and internship search experiences for different majors and industries. What are some of the most important job search or networking norms within your profession?  For example, is technical interviewing common, are most positions filled by networking, what are typical hiring “seasons” or timelines for internships or entry level positions?
  • What are the primary professional organizations in your field? How have you been involved and how would you recommend that current students or new graduates begin to participate?
  • If you’ve needed to conduct a job search during an economic downturn, what advice would you offer to current job seekers?  
  • Have you secured a new position after COVID-19 caused a change in plans? What are your tips for success?
  • What are tips for success within a long-distance job search?
  • Calling all recruiters: If you are a recruiter, what can an applicant do to stand out in summer 2020?

Are you working where you interned?  What advice do you have for graduates making the transition from an intern to a new employee colleague?

Upload Your Job Story

When: We initially request videos and written advice by Friday, May 15th.  Receiving materials by this date will enable us to announce the Job Story Library to students as they wrap-up the spring semester.  We will continue to accept new videos and advice throughout the summer.

Where: upload one to three video or written stories here

Video Tips

Starting Your Comments: As you begin your video, please introduce yourself and restate or summarize the question you are addressing.

Industry-Specific Language: With all video responses, please use industry jargon carefully to ensure that all students may understand and learn from your comments.  We suggest describing experiences using language that a student who has not taken the introductory course in your field would understand. 

Video Quality - Substance over Style: your taking the time to share your advice is most important.  We aren’t expecting award-winning video quality.  More than ever, students are accustomed to video calls and online meetings.  Videos created with your webcam or phone will provide appropriate quality.

Pick a Great Shirt: As you share your time and advice, you are most welcome to wear company-branded or Marquette University attire.  While Job Story advice should focus on careers vs. company promotion, extra branding for your organization through attire is completely acceptable.


If you have questions about sharing a Job Story, please contact our office at or (414) 288-7927.