Resume Book Program

Business Career Center Resume Book Program

In response to the unique recruiting experiences within the past year, in spring 2021, the Business Career Center is piloting a Resume Book Program to facilitate enhanced employer-applicant connections.

Resume books are collections of resumes that are searchable by pre-screened employers. If an employer thinks a student or alumnus/a’s resume matches a job it has, a representative of that company may contact that individual.  Please review the details below to learn more and participate.

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Student / Recent Graduate Guidelines & Opt-In Form

Opt-In: Students and recent graduates (defined in spring 2021 as College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management alumni who graduated in Aug. 2019-Dec. 2020) may opt-into the Business Career Center Resume Book Program by completing this online form.  Students and recent graduates may feature their resume in the Resume Book Program until they have confirmed post-graduation plans through an accepted offer for full-time employment, graduate school, military service or volunteerism.

Opt-Out: Once post-graduation plans are secured, the student or recent graduate should opt-out of resume book inclusion by completing the share your success online form.  If BCC staff learn of an accepted full-time job offer or other confirmed post-graduation plans, staff reserve the right to withhold the student or recent graduate’s resume while following-up with the individual to learn more.

Current Employment & Inclusion: If you are currently employed and don’t want your current employer to learn that you are open to new opportunities through resume book inclusion, please do not opt-into the resume book.  BCC staff will not be able to selectively withhold individual resumes based on the employer requesting the book.  BCC staff suggest that opting-into the resume book is similar to posting “open to work” within your LinkedIn profile. 

Handshake Resumes: Business Career Center (BCC) staff will create the resume book based on the resumes students and recent graduates who have opted into the Resume Book Program have uploaded to Handshake and “featured on profile.”  Handshake profiles will need to be set to the “community” or “employers” privacy setting.  Please review this Handshake information page for details.  Students and recent graduates are responsible for keeping the resume “featured on profile” up to date.

Resume Access: BCC staff will create two resume books (1) undergraduate students graduating in May/Aug. 2021 and recent undergraduate alumni, and (2) current students and recent alumni of the Graduate School of Management students.  For the spring 2021 Resume Book Program, “recent alumni” will include alumni who graduated Aug. 2019-Dec. 2020. 

Each book will be shared as access to a file folder containing two documents: (1) a directory-style summary of students/graduates with name, email, major(s)/program information and student provided goal statement and geographic focus and (2) a PDF of resumes organized alphabetically by last name.  The file will be shared through a OneDrive link with an expiration date of 30 days and a password for the employer recipient.  After expiration, the employer may request an updated resume book.

Student Communication: Within the first and third weeks of each month, BCC staff will share an update with all students who opted-into the Resume Book Program summarizing recent employer requests for resume book access.  Because BCC staff will not be able to email students/graduates following each employer request, it’s important to be prepared – know your resume well, and if an organization that you have not heard of or applied to contacts you, be prepared to speak extemporaneously.

Resume Guidelines

Resume Quality & Revision Processes: Resumes are a representation of the Marquette University College of Business and Graduate School of Management.  As such, BCC staff recommend that students and recent graduates follow the resume guidelines offered within the BCC resume website and reserve the right to withhold a student’s or recent graduate’s resume from the resume book if the resume needs substantial improvements.  As needed, BCC staff will reach out to notify the student or recent graduate of the needs for improvement and offer steps for scheduling a virtual appointment to discuss revisions.  Following the appointment, the student or recent graduate will be asked to email an updated resume to the BCC staff member for review.  With approval, the revised resume may be included in the Resume Book Program.

Employer Guidelines & Resume Book Request Form

The Business Career Center shall use discretion regarding which employers and contacts it will grant access to the resume book(s).  The BCC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this policy at any given time. 


Resume Book Request: Employers may request a resume book through this online form.


Appropriate Use: Approved employers and affiliated contacts may only use the resume book(s) received for the sole purpose of employment recruiting for paid, full-time career opportunities requiring at least a bachelor’s degree.  The resume books may not be used for other purposes unrelated to direct employment (i.e. personal use, referrals for friends, solicitation, marketing or for candidate sourcing by third party recruiting or staffing agencies).  Employers recruiting Marquette students must comply with all applicable laws relating to equal employment opportunity (EOO).  Please see the Marquette University Career Services Center recruiting policies.

Approved Employers: The BCC will evaluate Resume Book requests based on employer’s recruiting history at Marquette University and with consideration of the Handshake trust score.  Following employer evaluation, resume books will be distributed to an organization when relevant job descriptions are posted and suitable for College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management student and recent graduate populations.

Applicant Outreach: Any communication or recruitment materials provided to students or recent graduates by employers cannot contain language or images that are threatening, obscene, slanderous, intolerable, illegal in nature, offensive, or cause embarrassment to the individual. To do so will result in termination of that employer’s and affiliated contacts’ access to the BCC Resume Book Program, information sharing with partner career offices within Marquette University and possible legal action. 

Questions: Questions about the Business Career Center Resume Book Program may be directed to our office at (414) 288-7927 or

Sources: Portions of these guidelines were adopted and/or modified from the sources below.