On-campus Interviews

Each semester more than 70 employers visit the Career Services Center to interview students for full-time employment and internships. Almost all interviews are scheduled through MU Career Manager.

Interview dates:

First semester: September-November
Second semester: February-April

Find interview schedules

There are two ways to view upcoming interviews through MU Career Manager. Within the “On-Campus Interview Schedules” menu, you may select “Qualified Schedules” or “All Upcoming Schedules.”

  • Qualified Schedules: MU Career Manager will match job qualifications to your profile information to produce the qualified schedules list. To ensure that you are seeing as many opportunities as possible within this list, keep your MU Career Manager profile up to date.
  • All Upcoming Schedules: This list will contain all scheduled interviews. As you select a position, a message will appear at the top of the page to indicate whether or not you qualify for the schedule.
    • If you do not qualify, consider the reason for your ineligibility. If it is based on outdated information in your MU Career Manager profile, update your information through the “My Account” tab. If you do not qualify based on GPA or major, you could consider contacting the recruiter to politely ask for permission to be considered for the interview schedule. If the recruiter responds that you may apply, please bring the e-mail to the Business Career Center or the Career Services Center and we can add you to the applicant list.

Apply to interview schedules

There are two types of interview schedules: open and pre-select.

  • Open interview schedule: Does not require employer pre-approval. Qualified students submit a resume as they select an interview time.
  • Pre-select interview schedule: Employers review student applications and invite students to sign-up for an interview. After employer review, all students will receive an e-mail (generated through MU Career Manager) indicating whether they have been accepted, given alternate status or declined for the interview.
    • Accepted student: Accepted students will still need to select an interview time, but the employer will offer enough interview sessions for all accepted students. (Students may need to select a less preferable time of day, but an interview time will be available.)
    • Alternate student: If interview sessions remain available after pre-selected students have signed-up for interviews, alternate students may sign up on a first come, first served basis. The number of interview sessions available for students with alternate status will depend on the number of accepted students who sign up.
    • Declined Student:  An employer may decline to offer a student the opportunity to sign up for an interview. 

Additional information & preparation

For additional information about on-campus interviews and about on-campus interviews, please review the Career Services Center website.  To prepare for an upcoming interview, review the Business Career Center interviewing resources.