Welcome from the Director

Since its inception in 2009, the Business Career Center has strived to meet the challenges of a weak labor market as well as the way the job search process has changed in response to how we communicate.  The challenge for the future is to move from the traditional career development and counseling services to a broader organization that also provides clients with ways to enhance their personal and professional development.

We want to move the career development process from one that has been rooted in the content of one’s academic experience, along with some guidance on how to prepare for a job search, to one that includes those concepts but also personal and character development.  That is, our goal is to combine the academic preparation (applied and global experiences, internships, project-based courses) with fostering traits and skills such as curiosity, initiative, integrity, as well as how one is accountable and how one sets goals both personally and within in an organization.  Success in achieving this goal will mean that our students and alumni are not only contributors but leaders who are engaged in their workplace, volunteer and other organizations, and communities.

Therefore, the customer-focused staff of the Business Career Center aims to:

  • Provide to students and alumni a well-rounded, competitive skill set that includes career and professional development coaching
  • Develop strategic partnership with corporations
  • Support our undergraduate career and professional development curricular (LEAD courses) and co-curricular programming (Mentor Program, career nights, major-specific networking events)

Karen Rinehart
Career Development Director