Collaborate on a Class Project

The college is always seeking opportunities to partner with businesses and organizations to create meaningful, measurable experiences in the form of class projects. These class projects allow students the opportunity to practice and grow skills and encounter different situations that support their professional and academic development while providing value to your organization.

For us to find an appropriate class match for your project, please read the following instructions and guidelines. You will then be asked to complete a short informational form.

Some important considerations:

  • Matching faculty and students with the right class project opportunity can take some time, so ideally it should not be a time-sensitive concept. Sometimes matches occur quickly; other times, they can take months or even a year. If you have an interest in working with a faculty member and his or her students on a project, please allow plenty of time when planning your project.
  • Since course curricula do not change every semester, the class projects most likely to be facilitated by faculty members are replicable. While a one-time project won’t necessarily be ruled out, the more easily a project can be repeated, the more likely it is to be adopted.
  • Please remember that the scope of a project must match the length of time students will have to work on it (typically a single fall or spring semester; sometimes, just a small portion of that semester). In other words, a project should be able to be completed in anywhere from a few weeks to three months at most.
  • Depending on the nature of your project, you and/or your colleagues may be required to engage with the students in the classroom, provide information, and offer feedback on the students' work.
  • If necessary, we will allow students to sign non-disclosure agreements depending on the sensitivity of information provided to complete a project
  • The more clearly defined the project, the better.

Some examples of projects include creating employee manuals, developing marketing and social media plans, analyzing and recommending process improvements, developing compensation plans, researching and recommending business-appropriate software systems, and creating and conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

With these things in mind, please proceed to fill out the following form with as detailed information as possible.

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