Program overview

Marquette's Executive MBA program will prepare you to be a highly effective leader with the ability to analyze complex situations, make sound decisions and motivate people to do their best. Our newly redesigned EMBA program emphasizes collaborative, interactive learning. It will expose you to innovative ideas and give you the tools to put those ideas into practice. You'll develop a heightened awareness of the global factors that influence business today and strengthen your understanding of the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business practices.

And, with our flexible schedule, you will earn your MBA degree in 17 months attending class every other Saturday only - advancing your career without interrupting it.

Marquette nailed the balance of relevant and engaging in-class content, the team cohort, and flexibility. Having class only one day every two weeks allowed time to collaborate effectively with my team, and Marquette’s rich online content gave me freedom to dive deeper into complex curriculum at home. – Rachel Zweck, Marquette EMBA 2018

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Why a Marquette EMBA?

The world of work changes every day. It's not enough to be knowledgeable in business. You have to be skilled in motivating people, diagnosing problems, appreciating cultural perspectives and leading teams to effective solutions. Our nationally ranked EMBA program will help you develop those skills and more. You'll learn from superior faculty and classmates who are rising business professionals averaging 12 years of experience working in the corporate, governmental and not-for-profit sectors. And our international emphasis and overseas experience will enhance your understanding of cultural and operational differences - a necessary skill for MBA's in today's global economy.

International Experience

As part of the curriculum, participation in the international trip is required for all EMBA students. The 10- to 12-day trip is scheduled in the spring or summer term. The Graduate School of Management reviews destinations annually to fit the current program. Travel costs, a single-occupancy hotel room and two meals a day are included in the cost of tuition.

Flexible scheduling

Our EMBA schedule is designed to give working professionals maximum flexibility to advance their business knowledge without interrupting their business lives. The EMBA program launches with an immersion week (7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday) at Marquette and continues with class meetings on the Milwaukee campus every other Saturday. The international trip is the second period of in-residence and lasts 10-12 days. This takes place during the spring or summer term. The final semester begins with the third period of residency. We begin the final fall term with a mini-immersion week at the Milwaukee campus. EMBA students are in class Thursday through Saturday. They return to the every-other-Saturday schedule and graduate in December. The EMBA program lasts 17 months. More about scheduling ...

Collaborative interactive learning

From the first day, the Marquette Executive MBA program stresses the importance and value of teamwork and learning from each other. Participants are placed in teams of four to six members, grouped to provide a wide range of talents on each team.

Because of this, you will not be learning on your own — but as part of a team that provides support and assists in your MBA education. Each member brings a unique perspective to the team and gains an appreciation of the diversity of teams and the value and complexity of teamwork. You will find these professional relationships and friendships last well beyond the length of the program.

The best part of the EMBA program was learning from others in my team.
-Paul M. Hultgren, EMBA ’06, Senior Vice President at Harris Bank