Finance in New York

Marquette’s Finance in New York Program is an exciting new applied-learning opportunity for qualified junior and senior accounting, economics, and finance majors to experience working, learning and living in the world’s financial capital. 

Participants will be enriched and empowered through a multi-faceted program of academic learning, internships, engagement with successful alumni, guest speakers, and professional networking events.  Students also have the ability to visit notable financial institutions, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Museum of American Finance and Bloomberg Financial Services. Cultural experiences include visits to the Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Hall and more.

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The abundance of financial services organizations in New York offers a wide variety of opportunities for hands-on, real-world experience through front and back office internships with:

  • Asset managers, including hedge funds
  • Commercial banks
  • Financial conglomerates
  • FinTech providers
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment banks
  • Finance and accounting departments of operating companies
  • Real estate investors
  • Private equity firms
  • Public accounting firms

Program participants will also enroll in The Arts in a Democratic Society with Dr. Curtis Carter (ARSC 3379, three credits), which takes advantage of the myriad cultural venues in New York City.

Students will earn three credits for their summer internship in the fall semester.

Learning objectives

An central component of Marquette’s College of Business mission is to provide innovative applied learning experiences for our students.  We believe – and have witnessed – that this is among the most effective ways for us to achieve our goal of developing ethical and socially responsible global leaders prepared to compete in complex and dynamic business environments. Important learning objectives include:

  • Preparing students to be knowledgeable, effective and ethical leaders from the start of their professional careers.
  • Providing students with practical experience and familiarity within professional working environments.
  • Developing critical thinking skills that stress problem solving through advanced financial analysis and real-world experiences.
  • Preparing students to present ideas and recommendations that solve complex financial situations in a persuasive, clear and succinct manner using effective written and oral communications skills.
  • Providing opportunities for students to work productively and constructively as team members, while experiencing the cultural riches of New York City.

Marquette University will arrange housing for students in NYC, with easy access to Midtown, the Financial District, Central Park, museums, restaurants, cultural venues and more.

Admission involves a two-step process.  First, students must be an incoming senior in Finance, Accounting, or Economics with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Through online submission of an application, resume, essay and letter of recommendation, as well as an interview with the program director, applicants will need to demonstrate good communication skills, a strong work ethic, emotional maturity and solid track record of achievement.

Second, students must apply for, interview and secure one of a finite number of internships through Handshake. Upon successful completion of these two steps, students will be officially accepted to the program.

Prepare Your Application

Whether you are applying for the Finance in New York program or submitting applications for internships, put your best foot forward with well-prepared application materials!  Visit the Business Career Center through drop-in hours or an appointment to discuss your resume and cover letter, optimize resources for your internship search and prepare for interviews.

  • Schedule an appointment through Handshake → Career Center → Appointments → Schedule a New Appointment → Business Career Center → Select the appointment type.

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Business Career Center Resources

Contact the Business Career Center

Visit us in DS 277 or contact us at 414.288.7927 or

Program costs are similar to that of a typical summer internship, including airfare to and from New York, housing, transportation to and from work, meals, spending money, etc.

The primary incremental cost, over and above the typical summer internship, is tuition for The Arts in a Democratic Society, a three credit fine arts elective [ARSC 3379].  Student admission fees to fine arts presentations and cultural events have been donated by program supporters. 

Employers: Post Internships

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Marquette University business students!  MU utilizes

Handshake, a campus-wide job and internship posting website.  Handshake also allows employers to schedule on-campus interviews, access student and alumni resumes, and register for career fairs and events.

Contact the Business Career Center staff if you have questions about recruiting Marquette University business students.

How does Handshake work?

Handshake is a national database.  Companies have a single account on the national system that is linked to schools identified for recruitment.  Multiple colleagues within a corporation may create user accounts associated with the national company profile.  Job and internship postings may also be shared with multiple schools.  After posting a position, an employer may select the schools to receive the information.

Helpful Links

Posting Best Practices & FAQ

  • Specific Qualifications: To allow equal access to opportunities, Handshake postings will be viewable by all MU students and alumni. Employers may add qualifications criteria such as GPA, major, work authorization, etc. within the posting.
  • Accept applications through Handshake OR a company website. Employers may provide a link to an application website, instruct students to submit application materials through Handshake or can require both. 
  • Finance in New York Students Mr. Germanotta is happy to provide a list of students who have been accepted to the Finance in New York program upon request. 
  • Reviewing student applications. When applications are accepted through Handshake, applicants will be labeled as fully or partially qualified.  These qualifications are based on the criteria entered by the employer (GPA, major, etc.).  Employers have the option to review only fully qualified applications or applications from fully and partially qualified students.

Questions & Assistance

Please contact the Business Career Center at 414.288.7927 or businesscareers@marquette.eduBusiness Career Center staff will be happy to help.

Additional information


Marquette's Finance in New York Program is overseen by a director, Marquette faculty and an alumni advisory board. 

For any questions or to express interest in the program, please contact Jeff Germanotta, the program director, at

You may also want to join the Marquette Alumni of New York LinkedIn group to connect with alumni regarding internships or job opportunities