Master in Leadership


To earn a master's degree in leadership, students must complete 30 credits of course work. Detailed descriptions of all courses can be found in the Bulletin.

For a graphical representation, see the flowchart.

Leadership Core Courses

24 credits

Class Name Course Title Credit Hours
BUAD 6000 Accounting & Finance for the non-financial manager 3
BUAD 6005 Economic Foundations for Marketing Decisions 3
MBA 6140 Leading People and Change 1.5
MBA 6150 Leading Innovation and Change 1.5
MBA 6160 Leadership Coaching and Development 1.5
LEDR 6101 Strategic Communication 3
LEDR 6115 Character-Driven Leadership 3
LEDR 6125 Negotiations 3
LEDR 6997 Leadership Capstone 1.5
LEDR 6215 or
LEDR 6110
Change Leadership -or-
Leadership, Motivation, and Organizational Change

Individualized Leadership Program

Core + 6 elective credits

There is no requirement to specialize in the Leadership program.  In fact, we expect that most students will take the opportunity to individualize their program to their career interests and needs.  Students can choose electives from various Graduate School of Management classes including Leadership electives, MBA courses, Human Resources, etc.  The option to make this an interdisciplinary program allows students to take approved graduate classes outside the Graduate School of Management as well.  Students may take classes from Arts and Sciences, Communication, Nursing and so forth. 

Sports Leadership Specialization

Core + 15 Credits

Class Name Course Title Credit Hours
SPLE 6001 Introduction to Sports Leadership 3 credit hours
SPLE 6100 Ethical Athletic Leadership 3 credit hours
SPLE 6200 Sports Communication 3 credit hours
SPLE 6400 Sport Management 3 credit hours
SPLE elective Elective 3 credit hours

To count towards a specialization, students must earn a B or better and the courses must be taken at Marquette University.