International Business Major

The International Business major is available only as a second major and includes four main components:

  1. A second major in one of the functional areas in Business Administration 
  2. Proficiency in a second language 
  3. Work or study abroad for a semester, year, or summer 
  4. Course work in International Business 

With careful advising and planning, most students have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the International Business major in eight semesters (four years) without need to enroll in summer classes.

IB Majors with Finance or Accounting second majors may also apply to the Applied Investment Management (AIM) Program.



  • Courses
  • Learning Outcomes

INBU 2953. Seminar for International Exchange Students. 0 cr. hrs.

This course is required for all exchange students that are studying at Marquette University for the current semester. Students will be oriented to the college, the educational system and the business practices in the United States. Prereq: Approval of International Business Dir. SNC/UNC grade assessment.

INBU 3986. Internship Work Period. 0 cr. hrs.

SNC/UNC grade assessment. Prereq: INBU major; cons. of prog. dir. and cons. of Business Career Center.

INBU 4141. International Business Strategy. 3 cr. hrs.

In this course global business operations and global business decision making and strategy are integrated in a theoretically sound and practically useful manner. The focus of this discussion-based course is to explore various aspects of business entry and sustenance into the global marketplace using the "case method". In assessing their market position and strategic options, many companies face the decisions of a) going global, b) expanding globally, and/or c) competing globally. The course's cases, reading material, exercises, and projects are oriented towards addressing the critical issues surrounding the above options. Prereq: ECON 4044 or 4046, ECON 3001 or ECON 3003, MANA 3001, OSCM 3001, MARK 3001, FINA 3001.

INBU 4931. Topics in International Business. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Topics vary. Prereq: Jr. stndg.

INBU 4951. Marquette Led Travel and Study Abroad in International Business. 3 cr. hrs.

Course taught in an international setting by Marquette professors and where students earn Marquette credit. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.; cons. of International Business Director.

INBU 4953. Seminar in International Business. 3 cr. hrs.

Topic varies. Prereq: Jr. stndg.

INBU 4986. International Business Internship - Grading Period. 3 cr. hrs.

S/U grade assessment. Prereq: INBU 3986; Jr. stndg., cons. of prog. dir. and cons. of Business Career Center.

INBU 4995. Independent Study in International Business. 1-4 cr. hrs.

Prereq: Consent of Director of International Business Program.

INBU 9053. Undergraduate International Business Study Abroad/External Approved. 0 cr. hrs.

A zero-credit, variable credit hour equivalent course designed to keep student's files active while studying at one of Marquette's overseas partner institutions through the international student exchange program. Upon approval, students are enrolled in a college or university abroad for a term. Course credits are transferable to Marquette. Multiple sections correspond to overseas institutions and can be found in the Schedule of Classes. Prereq: Cons. of instr. SNC/UNC grade assessment.

As one of many methods of assuring that the goals of our educational mission are successfully met, the college regularly and systematically engages in the assessment of a variety of competencies. As part of this assurance of learning, each program defines and collects data on learning goals; statements of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we want our graduates to possess. We use them for continuous improvement and they are the criteria on which organizations such as AACSB evaluate our accreditation. The following are the current Learning Goals for the International Business Major along with the goals for the Undergraduate Business Core.

  • Understand the nature of international business
  • Demonstrate developed global perspectives

Below are the specific learning outcomes assessed to help determine if students meet the above outcome.

For the goal - Understand the nature of international business:

  • Explain how international factors affect domestic concerns
  • Explain regional economic integration and economic and political integration
  • Explain the main institutions that shape the global marketplace
  • Explain businesses expansion abroad
  • Explain the key legal issues related to businesses operating in other countries

For the goal - Demonstrate developed global perspectives:

  • Cognitive knowledge of global issues
  • Interpersonal skills with individuals from various cultures
  • Social responsibility awareness on global issues

Undergraduate Business Core Learning Goals

  1. Apply effective written and oral communication skills to business situations. 
  2. Analyze the global business environment.
  3. Analyze the local business environment.
  4. Use critical thinking skills in business situations.
  5. Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations.

Additional business & non-business course requirements

In addition to the requirements for the major, all students in the College of Business Administration complete business core courses, the Marquette University core of common studies, and non-business electives.