Operations & Supply Chain Management Major

Think of a relay race, each member passing the baton with maximum speed and efficiency. To be competitive, they rely upon their coach to learn how to best position themselves for the handoff. Now put that concept into a business context for a manufacturing or service enterprise, and you have an idea about operations and supply chain management.

About the major

Marquette Business’ undergraduate supply chain management program has been ranked 12th nationally by US News and World Report, 15th internationally by SCM World, and 23rd by Gartner, Inc. (2nd in the nation in program content).

REAL-WORLD VALUE.  According to Gartner, “The top U.S. undergraduate supply chain programs balance broad curricula, real-world experience and strong industry reputations to rise to the top.” Marquette’s program was lauded for its broad, diverse scope and a curriculum that aligns well with a modern, real-world corporate supply chain model. Recent graduates have reported an average entry-level salary of $53,000.

INTERNSHIPS. You can work as an undergraduate for some of the nation's leading firms right here in Milwaukee. It's easy to do, because it's built right into your curriculum.

OPENING DOORS. Through working in the college's Center for Supply Chain Management or getting involved in the OSCM student organization, you will develop a critical professional network before you graduate.

IT'S WHAT YOU KNOW AND HOW YOU NETWORK. Marquette's College of Business Administration is home to the Center for Supply Chain Management, a university-industry venture for education, research and advancement of knowledge in supply chain management. It's a great forum for networking with OSCM professionals.

To complete the requirements for a major in Operations and Supply Chain Management, students need to complete coursework as specified below:

Specific Operations & Supply Chain Management Requirements

27 Credits

  • OSCM 4010 (Manufacturing Planning and Control) 3 credits
  • OSCM 4130 (Supply Chain Strategy and Practice) 3 credits
  • One of the electives must be OSMC 4020 or OSCM 4025 or OSCM 4040
  • Three electives from the following:
    • OSCM 4015 (Service Management) 3 credits 
    • OSCM 4020 (Quality and Process Management) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4025 (Purchasing and Supply Chain Management) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4040 (Global Logistics Management) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4045 (Globalization and Global Operations) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4060 (Supply Chain Analytics) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4080 (Applied Procurement) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4085 (Applied Logistics) 3 credits
    • OSCM 4931 (Topics in Operations and Supply Chain Management) 3 credits - multiple course options available
    • OSCM 4953 (Seminar in Operations and Supply Chain Management) 3 credits
    • MANA 3034 (Negotiations and New Ventures) 3 credits
  • Four Business Electives (12 credits) 

NOTE: One International Business Course is required (within or outside your major).

Learning outcomes...

Additional business & non-business course requirements

In addition to the requirements for the major, all students in the College of Business Administration complete business core courses, the Marquette University core of common studies, and non-business electives.