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The 10th annual Marquette University Real Estate Strategies Conference was held virtually on Thursday, April 22, 2021. More than 425 people joined to learn about this year’s theme, “Sports, Entertainment and Real Estate Development.” Held in partnership with the National Sports Law Institute of the Marquette University Law School, the event featured keynote speakers and panelists from around the sports world discussing how they think differently about investing in and developing around their main venues, and how these developments impact their greater communities.

The event kicked off with keynote speaker Peter Feigin, President of the Milwaukee Bucks, discussing the Deer District and future plans for how this area will serve as a catalyst for growth on the north side of Milwaukee. Feigin was followed by a panel of executives from Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association discussing how their venues – in Milwaukee (Bucks), Chicago (Cubs), Atlanta (Braves), and Orlando (Magic) have changed over time and impacted their communities, and their exciting plans ahead. The next panel was focused on the National Football League, and included executives from the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints and Pelicans discussing the differences in how they plan out their venues (Dallas is a league-leader in developing around their practice venue, while New Orleans stadium is unparalleled in hosting major events even outside of pro football with an incredible downtown location). The day’s closing keynote was Steve Rushin, 1988 Marquette alumni, columnist with Sports Illustrated, author of several books on sports, and 2006 National Sportswriter of the Year, talking about his experience with sports venues all over the world and sharing stories about covering the teams we love.

Due to an unfortunate error by our production company only the NFL panel was recorded. We apologize for this inconvenience.

NFL Panel

Special thanks to Ed Lang, Grad ’92, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans, and Tom Walker, Chief Financial Officer, Dallas Cowboys, for being on the panel, as well as our panel moderator Tracy Johnson, Comm ’99, Grad ’09, President and CEO, Commercial Association of REALTORS® Wisconsin.

Other Speakers

Peter Feigin: The Fiserv Forum and the Deer District: a national model for redefining development around sports venues

Peter Feigin next to photos of Fiserv Forum

MLB-NBA Panel: How both new-school (Braves, Bucks) and old-school (Cubs, Magic) arenas continue to reinvent ideas around sports-centered real estate development

Mike Belot, Jon Greifenkamp, Mike Plant, and Nyea Sturman

Closing Keynote: Steve Rushin, author, former SI.com writer "Oh The Places He's Been: Stories from sports venues all over the world" - Steve Rushin is a 1988 Marquette alumnus and the 2005 National Sportswriter of the Year while with Sports Illustrated. He has traveled all over the world covering sports, and as an author and husband to WNBA-legend Rebecca Lobo, Rushin's unique ability to combine humor, storytelling, and depth leave audiences laughing and moved.

Steve Rushin next to some books he wrote

Venues featured at the conference

  • New Orleans
  • Atlanta
  • Milwaukee
  • Dallas
  • Orlando
  • New Orleans
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Dallas

Photos from the event

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