The Marquette Operations and Supply Chain Management ‘Coaches Corner’ was created to give students a platform to engage with industry professionals without the pressure of interviewing.  This opportunity empowers students to seek advice or insights from recent graduates on expectations for early career roles, the breadth of supply chain management professional opportunities, and workplace experiences.  This is an informal interaction and unique way for students to engage with recent alumni through these suggested means:

  1. 1 on 1 Coaching (Remote or In Person)
  2. Group Sessions (Coffee, Dinner, etc.)
  3. Online Video Web Chat
  4. Pre-Marquette Event Gatherings
  5. Outside Events Hosted by a “Coach”

Reach out to various coaches below based on their industry, background and various supply chain experience.  If you have a group of students wanting to meet with a coach please email and she can help coordinate. Alumni interested in being listed as a coach, please contact