Cameron Tehrani  tehrani

Current Role

Planning Manager


Amazon (Lab 126)


Sunnyvale, California

Graduation Year (Undergraduate)


Graduation Year (Graduate)


Major (s)

Operations & Supply Chain Management

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Areas of Expertise / Proficiency

Semiconductor and Consumer Electronic Manufacturing Management, Consumer Electronic Materials Procurement and Planning, Worldwide Manufacturing Capacity Expansion

How has your Marquette University OSCM Degree helped prepare you for your career?

My OSCM degree provided me with knowledge in all aspects of supply chain management.  The curriculum touched on logistics, procurement, manufacturing, global markets, and other aspects that I am still using daily while working in industry.

What excites you about the OSCM "Coaches Corner"?

I am excited about the opportunity to help students by answering questions and providing guidance on the industry and what it is like to work in operations and supply chain in the "real world". This is an opportunity that I wish existed when I was a student at Marquette.