Charles Gondeck gondeck

Current Role

ERP Project Manager


Deacom Inc.


Denver, CO

Graduation Year (Undergraduate)


Graduation Year (Graduate)


Major (s)

Supply Chain & Marketing

LinkedIn Profile

Phone Number

(612) 747-8331


Areas of Expertise / Proficiency

Procurement, End to End Supply Chain Strategy, Negotiations, Warehouse Management Systems, Bulk/Blend Manufacturing, Project Management

How has your Marquette University OSCM Degree helped prepare you for your career?

My OSCM degree provided me much needed exposure to how different industries handle changing business needs through structuring their supply chain. The criticality of a sophisticated supply chain continues to be at the forefront of any business today as this allows them to meet customer demand while managing costs, lead-times, and efficiencies. Marquette's OSCM degree gives you that exposure from Day 1 to prepare you for post-graduation.

What excites you about the OSCM "Coaches Corner"?

The "Coaches Corner" is a great opportunity to give back to a program that provided so much for all of us. We all benefitted immensely from the mentors, teachers and program sponsors who supported us throughout our time in the program, so it is exciting to be able to reciprocate those efforts to the next group of OSCM students.