Kevin Donnelly donnelly

Current Role

Supply Planner


Kraft Heinz


Chicago, IL

Graduation Year (Undergraduate)


Graduation Year (Graduate)


Major (s)

Finance & Supply Chain

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Areas of Expertise / Proficiency

S&OP, Production Scheduling, Distribution Network Optimization, Project Management, Software Implementation

How has your Marquette University OSCM Degree helped prepare you for your career?

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in supply chain prior to entering college and chose to attend Marquette because of their established OSCM program.  My degree therefore has directly prepared me for my career, providing me with real world experience through multiple internships in the supply chain industry prior to graduation.

What excites you about the OSCM "Coaches Corner"?

This is an opportunity for the students that I truly wish I had when I attended Marquette.  To be able to have a network of contacts of OSCM alumni to casually reach out to without feeling the pressure of an interview is extremely valuable.