Mia McNay mcnay

Current Role

Global Demand Planner


Rockwell Automation


Milwaukee, WI

Graduation Year (Undergraduate)


Graduation Year (Graduate)


Major (s)

Supply Chain and IT, Minor in Spanish for the Business Profession

LinkedIn Profile

Phone Number

(217) 779-1385


Areas of Expertise / Proficiency

Manufacturing Operations, End to End Supply Chain Experience, Leadership 

How has your Marquette University OSCM Degree helped prepare you for your career?

My OSCM degree gave me a wide breath of knowledge in different supply chain functions before entering the industry. This helped me not only through my internships but also when determining which area of the supply chain I wanted to go into after graduation.

What excites you about the OSCM "Coaches Corner"?

I am excited to get re-connected with the Marquette University student base to help coach and mentor upcoming supply chain professionals. This is a great opportunity for the student base to connect with supply chain professionals and gain industry knowledge.