Michael Sweret Swewert

Current Role

Enterprise Account Manager




Seattle, WA

Graduation Year (Undergraduate)


Graduation Year (Graduate)


Major (s)

OSCM & International Business

LinkedIn Profile

Phone Number

1 (207) 318-2803


Areas of Expertise / Proficiency

Logistics, international freight forwarding, logistics tech/ digital supply chain (SaaS),  product management, sales, account management

How has your Marquette University OSCM Degree helped prepare you for your career?

My OSCM degree put me into a position for success right away upon graduation from MU.  Thru MU's relationship with a former  employer,  I was able to interview on campus  and ultimately secure a position in the company's  leadership development program. Many of   MU's  courses in  logistics, supply chain, and operations  management  gave me the core knowledge  I needed to hit the ground running when I started my career.

What excites you about the OSCM "Coaches Corner"?

The "Coaches corner"  seems like a great opportunity to give back to the Marquette community and get involved with students, who are in the process of defining what they are looking to do in their careers and to  share unique insights into  the ever-changing world of supply chain.