Peer Mentor Program

Are you looking for a way to give back to Marquette and Be The Difference while still a student on campus?

The Peer Mentor Program, organized by the Marquette Go-Getters and the College of Business Administration, is the perfect way for upperclassmen to share their knowledge and experience with freshmen. All new freshmen in the College of Business Administration will be paired with an upperclassman as their mentor at the start of the fall semester. Each junior/senior mentor will be responsible for around five new student mentees. The program will begin with a connection opportunity between mentors and mentees. From there on, it is the mentee’s responsibility to continue the relationship.

We hope that this mentorship will help freshmen find their way through the business school and help with the adjustment to college business courses.

To be a mentor, students must be a current sophomore or junior. We are looking for mentors who are business majors and are involved at Marquette. We want mentors to be able to share positive experiences with mentees. We are looking for a mentor who wants to build and continue a relationship with their mentees.

Note: In the application process, you may be asked to upload your resume.  By doing so, you give permission to student interviewers to review that information.