Rev. Kent Beausoleil, S.J. 
Office of the Provost

Kristen Kreple
Office of the Provost / Title IX Coordinator

Jacqueline Black
Associate Director of Hispanic Initiatives

Lisa Lamson
Graduate Student Organization President

Jodi Blahnik
Counseling Center

Laura MacBride
Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Wendy Butler
Human Resources

Jennifer Maney
Center for Teaching and Learning

Elisa Coghlan

Sara Manjee
President, MUSG

Joya Crear
Student Affairs

Lori Montezon
Office of the Provost

Nick Curtis 
Office of the Provost

Cindy Petrites
Office of the Provost

Amanda Gottheardt
Office of Marketing and Communication

Jennica Webster
Department of Management, College of Business Administration

Jean Grow 
Strategic Communication

William Welburn, chair
Office of the Provost

Latrice Harris-Collins 
Undergraduate Admissions