“Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way…” Luke 24:32

Join a Camino (small group)

“Camino” is Spanish for journey, path, or way. A camino is an intentional journey or pilgrimage seeking a greater awareness of God’s active presence and offer of meaning for our lives. One of the most dramatic caminos is the Way of St. James, a hiking pilgrimage, found in Spain. Participating in this adventurous camino can be very fruitful for one’s faith. But it is not the only way to feed one’s faith. An adventurous journey with and toward God can happen any place and at any time, because God joins us on each step of our life’s journey; God meets us on the way.

Like any journey, part of the gift comes from connecting with others taking a similar path.

Marquette’s Camino is a small group experience focused on building Christian community through the riches of Ignatian spirituality. At the center of this experience are opportunities to encounter Christ anew.

Camino small groups meet weekly for one hour with eight to nine other students in a small group environment. Over the course of a semester, students work to build a strong community through laughter and fun, prayer, discussion of the Scriptures, Ignatian meditations on the life of Christ, sharing of life and opportunities to encourage one another in their walk as disciples.

How does it work?

After applying online, students are paired with eight to nine other students of their same year in school. A trained facilitator invites the group together. Each week the group gathers for one hour for what some have called “the best hour of my week.” Your group leader will contact you after the registration period closes to welcome you to your Camino.

Who can participate?

Any Marquette student. Participating students are also strongly encouraged to regularly do some type of community service during the semester.

Where will groups meet?

Residence hall-based groups will meet in a residence hall, while other groups will gather in the Alumni Memorial Union. After you have signed up, you will receive an email prior to your first meeting with the exact time and location of the meeting.

When do groups meet?

Camino small groups have historically chosen to meet on an evening falling between Monday through Thursday. All attempts will be made to help you connect with a group that will work well with your schedule.

Join a Camino small group and make the most of your fall semester. For more information, contact Steve Blaha at (414) 288-6873.