I.M.A.P. Belize Application


To prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for the trip to Belize, there are mandatory meetings for all participants. All participants are expected to attend all meetings in their entirety. Meetings are scheduled at times that best suit the participants, so every measure is made to accommodate the group. This preparation becomes important not only for your own personal readiness for the trip but also for the development and trust of community. If you are not able to attend every meeting in its entirety, then you are advised not to apply.


Each individual is responsible for the $1,300 cost of the trip. The first down payment of $300 is due upon acceptance into the program. The second payment of $1,000 is due by November 1, 2021.


We are asking all students considering the I.M.A.P. program to discern their level of commitment. It is our hope to adjust financial costs for this Belize program. We often describe I.M.A.P. as a program and not a trip, therefore you are accepting all parts of the program along with the trip to Belize. This includes living and traveling simply and packing with minimal items. Our focus is immersion and not tourism.

Finally, all participants will be subject to a conduct review check prior to the trip. All participants in I.M.A.P. must remain in good standing with the university to participate in this program.

Applications are currently closed.  Interested students should contact Mary Sue Callan-Farley.