Description: I.M.A.P. Cuba is an immersion into the life of a Jesuit parish serving in a communist country. The program includes touring Havana and its historical architecture, connecting to the culture through vibrant music and local foods, and taking part in many discussions/tours about politics and Cuban life.

The trip includes:

  • Arrival in Havana and staying at a “retreat center” run by the Jesuits in Havana. Meals and housing will be provided here.
  • Translators to help us navigate the Spanish language spoken by most Cubans.
  • Observing and helping with the cultural programs of the parish, including shared time and prayer with the parish youth group, and working with the English language class.
  • Connecting with the Catholic Diocese through lectures and other cultural programming.
  • Engagement with the Jesuits as they are working for justice.
  • A day at the beach for relaxation and leisure.

Conduct Policy: Due to the distance and possible challenges found anytime Marquette students venture off campus, Campus Ministry asks that all participants verify that they are not currently, nor will be when the trip occurs, on disciplinary probation with the university. Two conduct checks will occur on any students wishing to participate, one before final decisions are made for the trip and the second before leaving for the trip.

You must submit a copy of your passport at the time of acceptance into the program. Travel visas to Cuba under the religious educational category take three months to process.

Any questions? Contact:

Vevette Hill-Nwagbaraocha
Campus Ministry, AMU 236
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-6873