Marriage Preparation

Marriage is a wonderful gift and a powerful way to love and give witness to Christ in the world. During this engaged period, Campus Ministry invites you to participate in marriage formation, which will help you live out this vocation with hearts striving to be a couple for others.

While Campus Ministry’s marriage formation process is specifically geared towards couples interested in being married in the Catholic Church, couples being married in other faith traditions and contexts may also benefit from taking part in this preparation. Whether you hope to get married locally or somewhere else, Campus Ministry is here to help. For more information or to start the engaged formation process, please contact Steve Blaha at (414) 288-3686.

Below you will find a brief overview of the major components of our marriage preparation process. Our staff can help provide additional resources based upon the needs of individual couples.

1. Initial Interview:

During this session, you and your fiancé(e) will meet with a Campus Ministry staff member who will help walk you through the engaged formation process. Campus Ministry will officially begin your marriage preparation file at this point. You will also spend some time exploring:

  • Why do we want to be married? Why do we want to receive the sacrament of marriage?
  • How have we experienced our relationship offering us greater freedom to be our best selves?
  • What does it mean to be a couple for others?
  • In what ways has our relationship strengthened our respective faiths?
  • How might we better live the magis (“more”) in serving each other, God, and our neighbors?

2. FOCCUS Pre-Marital Inventory:

Taking the FOCCUS Inventory is oftentimes a highlight for couples during their engagement period. The inventory helps engaged couples improve their appreciation and understanding of one another, identifies areas for increased communication and skill building, and offers the helpful wisdom and insights of a seasoned married couple.

(FOCCUS Inventory: 2-3 one hour sessions with a married couple at their home.)

3. Couples Retreat:

Being engaged can be a lot of work – wedding planning, future career planning, honeymoon travel plans, family logistics, you name it. Taking time for a retreat experience will help you stay in tune with yourself, one another, and the movement of God in your lives. The retreat offers a sacred time and space, away from distractions, to help you discern to what God is inviting you as a couple.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee provides three retreat options: 1) Catholic Engaged Encounter Retreat Weekend, 2) Marriage Preparation Day, and 3) Marriage Preparation Conference. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Marriage & Family Life Office.

4. Conversations on Marriage:

  • Liturgy Planning
  • Married Sexuality & Natural Family Planning (NFP)
  • Sacramentality of Marriage
  • Sharing Faith in Marriage
  • Welcoming the Poor

Engagement is a time to relish. While it is a period filled with discernment, expectation, and planning, this stage in life offers couples the opportunity to consciously build strong foundations. Making time amidst class and work schedules to talk about topics relating to marriage creates room for you love to grow and develop.

Because the wedding liturgy offers a lifetime of inspiration and encouragement for spouses, our process invites couples to prepare a celebration that will help shape their vocation and life together.

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