Get Involved

Dear Marquette Students,

 Throughout the past year, Midnight Run has had to adapt to our ever changing environment, but our mission has always remained the same: to build community, to serve, to love, to reflect, and to grow. Through Round Table discussion groups this past year, students had the opportunity to learn about the communities we serve and the deep rooted issues that disproportionately affect BIPOC, undocumented, LGBTQ+, and underserved communities. Site coordinators led conversations, posed difficult questions, and created a space in which group members could freely discuss difficult and complex topics.

How will this model affect our return to in person service this semester?

We are of the mindset that we are not reverting back to what has been done in the past but moving forward with clarity having done important work over this past year. We cannot engage in the various communities in Milwaukee without identifying our own biases and taking intentional steps to combat them. How can we ensure that this work continues as we return to a more service-focused model? We will continue to host Round Table discussions, integrate such conversations into the in-person experience, and focus heavily upon our all-volunteer reflections that give context to the service experience.

We have already been blown away by the eagerness and adaptability of our volunteers, and cannot wait to serve with you again this year! Almost all of our Midnight Run groups for this semester are filled, but feel free to reach out if you are still interested in getting involved in Midnight Run’s mission and action.

We cannot wait to see you all in person this semester and to continue to learn and grow together!

Peace & Good,

Ben Close, Brigid Hughes, Emma Grogan, and Nora Graham