Finding God in All Things Retreat

October 26, 2024

St. Ignatius insisted that God is really present in all things, and this retreat explores how. Over the weekend, we build a community where God questions are on the table. Here are a few that often get discussed:

  • When is it easy to find God, and what do I do about those situations and places where God seems absent?
  • How do other people find God? What has their journey been like?
  • What role does religion and spirituality play as I seek God?
  • Does finding God in all things change me in some way?

Each Finding God retreat has its own flavor, which comes out of the unique dynamic of each student lead team. But no matter when you go, you can expect to bond over meals, experiment with new types of prayer, have fun outside, hear students’ stories, play sports/games/music, pray by candlelight, and meet people who are willing to share their questions and hear yours.


Open to:
All students, both undergraduate and graduate, of the Marquette Community.


Retreat Location: Camp Minikani – Hubertus, WI

Camp Minikani is a camp/retreat center located about 30 minutes north of Milwaukee. It features multiple lakes, ecosystems, and green spaces connected by miles of nature trails. Inside our lodgings at the Halquist Family Lodge are comfortable sleeping rooms and a great room that features a huge, beautiful fireplace.


Meet at Campus Ministry (AMU 236) at 8: a.m. We will return to campus at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.


$10, which covers transportation, food and lodging. Financial assistance is readily available; see the Retreat FAQ page for more information. 


For any questions or for further information, please contact:
Pablo Cardenal
Campus Ministry, AMU 236
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-3689