Ignatian Journey Retreat

January 3-7, 2022

Just as St. Ignatius saw his own life journey as a process of discovery, the Ignatian Journey Retreat invites participants to continue their own process of discovery over this 5-day experience. Each day will focus on a different moment of St. Ignatius’ life and its connections to today, so you will learn about St. Ignatius’ story and the wisdom it may offer for your own story.

This is a flexible, online retreat that can be done at home, away, or while working or studying. You will meet with a spiritual director prior to the retreat to talk about your hopes and individual circumstances, allowing you both some time for preparation. You’ll continue to meet daily with that person throughout retreat week, spend individual time in prayer and silence each day, and have access to optional daily talks and daily yoga sessions.

The Ignatian Journey retreat offers a unique opportunity to start the new year with a refreshed spirit, be immersed in the compelling story of St. Ignatius, and prioritize intentional time with God, tailored to your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a spiritual director/spiritual direction?

A spiritual director is someone who is trained and able to offer guidance and companionship to someone who is seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship with God. Spiritual direction can help us to pay more attention to how God is speaking to us and how we are responding to God.

For more general and in-depth information about spiritual direction, please visit the Ignatian Spirituality website.

How can I go away for retreat?

If you’d like to be away from home for the retreat, you might consider a few options. You could rent a space through AirBnb or other sites. Some retreat houses are also making rooms available for private retreats, or have 1-person hermitage options. If you have a friend or family member who is out of town or has a separate part of the house, you may be able to use that space for part or all of the retreat. You don’t necessarily need to be away all week; you may find that just a day or two away during the middle of the retreat serves as a helpful nudge for more intentional prayer and reflection.

How can I have a fruitful retreat at home? How about if I’m working or have classes?

Changing one’s space is helpful for many retreatants, and this can be done even at home. Consider how to change the elements of your room or house to foster a retreat atmosphere. You might place spiritual/religious items more prominently, cover or put away distracting items, or get a white noise app or machine to block out other household noise and conversation. You might set aside a particular chair or room as your “prayer spot.” If you find the outdoors helpful, you could also plan daily walks in your neighborhood or in a favorite park.

Making a retreat amidst work, academic, or family responsibilities benefits from openness and planning. Consider ways you can minimize your household duties during the week, whether by planning and cooking meals in advance, ordering take-out, using the day before the retreat to catch up on laundry and cleaning, arranging an evening or two of childcare, etc.

To really enter the retreat, you’ll need 30-45 minutes each day for spiritual direction and an additional 30 minutes per day of time for silence and prayer. More time is beneficial, of course, but an effective retreat can be had with this amount of time. God always meets us where we are. 

Staff and faculty receive two days per year of retreat leave which may be applied toward the Ignatian Journey Retreat. 


Open to:
All undergraduate students, graduate students, and Marquette faculty & staff. 



This retreat will take place wherever retreatants find themselves. Retreat gatherings and spiritual direction will happen online (retreatants who are local to MU during the week can request in-person spiritual direction if desired). A link and password will be emailed to all participants prior to the retreat.



Monday, January 3:

4:00pm – Retreat Opening and Prayer 

Tuesday, January 4 – Thursday, January 6:

9:00am – Talk

Sometime during the day – spiritual direction and prayer time

4:00pm – Gentle yoga

7:00pm – Faith-sharing (Wednesday only) 

Friday, January 7:

9:00am – Talk

12:00pm –Gentle yoga

Sometime during the day – final spiritual direction session and prayer time

4:00pm – Retreat Closing and Prayer






Registration for the Ignatian Journey Retreat will open in October,

Sara Knutson - Student contact
Campus Ministry, AMU 236
(414) 288-3689

Michael Dante - Faculty and Staff contact
Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality, Schroeder Complex 111
(414) 288-4545