Career Services COVID-19 Updates

The Career Services Center is dedicated to uninterrupted assistance for students and alumni.

To ensure the highest level of service is available to our students, alumni and employers, the Career Services Center team has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our ongoing operations. 

If you have questions after reading the updates, please feel free to call us at 414-288-7423.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process as the health and safety of all members of our community are of the utmost importance. 

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Appointment Scheduling

All Career Center appointments will take place via phone or video conferencing tool. If you require an in-person accommodation, please call our office at 414-288-7423.

Prior to your video appointment, you will receive a calendar invitation with meeting details. You do not need to have any software previously installed; the only requirement is a computer with internet access.

Appointment scheduling is available through Handshake or by calling our office at 414-288-7423.

Virtual Drop-in Hours

Drop-in hours take place Monday - Friday from noon until 1:45 p.m. during the academic semester. To begin your virtual drop-in contact the Career Services Center by calling our office at 414-288-7423. You do not need to have any software previously installed; the only requirement is a computer with internet access.

The Career Services Center is temporarily unable to conduct LinkedIn headshots due to the City of Milwaukee mask mandate. Read this quick article for tips on taking great headshots with your phone. Additionally, the Career Services Center created a LinkedIn blog with a list of great on-campus locations to take headshots. 

Events & Programs

To remain informed about the status of events and programs, students and alumni should check Handshake and RSVP to events of interest. Messaging will be shared with registered students and alumni including all details about how to attend virtually, if applicable.

Employers: We value your commitment to recruiting Marquette students. If you would like to explore a virtual approach to recruiting at Marquette, please contact 


All interviews will take place on a virtual platform.

Students: If you need access to technology or a private space for your interview, please contact the Career Services Center at 414-288-7423.

Employers: Please contact the Career Services Center to discuss your interviewing needs.

Professional Document and Online Profile Critiques 

Students and alumni in need of a resume, cover letter, or personal statement critique should email; a response will be provided within two business days. Students and alumni interested in more in-depth assistance with these documents should schedule an appointment through Handshake. To get started with your job search documents, please visit the Career Services Center's Resume and Cover Letters webpage.

Students and alumni in need of a Handshake or LinkedIn profile critique should email; a response will be provided within two business days. 

Job/Internship Search Guidance During COVID-19

Update Your Career Documents and Profiles

It is always important to have your career documents and profiles up to date.

  • Students and alumni in need of a resume, cover letter, or personal statement critique should email; a response will be provided within two business days.
    • Looking to get started on your career documents? Start here.
  • Need help polishing your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, resume, and cover letter? Email to request a profile or document review.  A member of the career services staff will provide feedback within two business days.

Be Flexible and Focus Your Search on Industries that are Growing

Some industries are temporarily slowing their hiring, while others are growing.  Explore how you can pivot your internship/job search.

Attend Virtual Events 

Virtual events are a great way to learn more about a company and meet professionals.

  • Check Handshake often to stay up-to-date on events and fairs.

Continue to Build Your Network

Social distancing does not mean you should slow down your professional networking efforts.

  • Check out this video for a few quick tips on presenting yourself professionally while connecting with others virtually.
  • Wondering how to ask for and conduct an informational interview? Read more about it here.

Be Proactive and Reward Your Effort

Though hiring processes may be slower right now and can sometimes feel discouraging, keep applying! Persevering will ensure that you are considered for roles that are not only currently available but also those that will be available in the future. Remember that you are doing your very best by staying focused on what you can control and make sure to set aside time to rest and do things you enjoy.

Additional Resources: 

Internship Resources

 Remote Internship Resources

Micro-internship/Gig Opportunities

Internship Funding 

Learn New Skills

Are you considering expanding the scope of your job search and looking to gain additional skills?  Maybe your internship was cancelled, and you need a way to continue building skills? Explore these free resources: 

Strategies for Remote Work and Interactions

Employer Guide to Developing Remote Internships

As companies adjust to changes caused by COVID-19, remote work has become the new normal.  Re-imagining what a meaningful experience for interns could be that also benefits the organization allows companies to maintain their talent pipeline now and into the future.

The Logistics

  • Clear, consistent, and frequent communication to support success
  • Access to technology including a computer, internet access, and cloud-based file sharing
  • Work plan that includes goals and projects
  • On-boarding and orientation including considerations for a virtual internship

The Work

  • Set specific goals, expectations, and deadlines
  • Define the scope of the work
  • Include intern in team meetings and professional development

Potential Challenges

  • Consider the best way to convey company culture via meetings, opportunities to meet with people across the organization, and remote social activities
  • Use shared project management software to track progress



See the Marquette University CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) webpage for the latest information pertaining to the entire Marquette campus community.