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GoinGlobal is an online database that contains country-specific career and employment resources, corporate profiles for key employers around the world, and over 600,000 international internship and job listings.

GoinGlobal can be accessed through Handshake.

  1. Access Handshake here and log in using your username and password
  2. Follow the prompts to complete your profile (if not yet complete)
  3. GoinGlobal can be found in the Resources Section; located underneath the Career Center tab (top-right navigation bar)

Before you begin searching international internships and job listings, it is beneficial to read about job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing and cultural advice as well as visa regulations pertinent to the country in which you are seeking employment.

GoinGlobal Country Career Guides

Provide professional advice and insider tips for 40 countries on such topics as employment trends, recruiters, staffing agencies, work permit regulations, salary ranges, resume writing guidelines, professional and trade associations, and cultural advice. More than 500 resources are provided per country, all with detailed explanations and hot links directly to the latest information.

To browse the GoinGlobal Country Career Guides:

  1. Click on the Country Guides link on the Main Page to download the full list of the collection, sorted alphabetically by country. Clicking on a country name opens the Guide for that country.
  2. The Topic Overview for each Guide (accessed in the left-hand menu or by scrolling down the page) includes the topics covered in each section, including top companies, job search resources, resume guidelines, cultural advice, and more.
  3. You can also search the GoinGlobal Career Guides by entering search words into the Guide Search box from the Country Guide page.

Going Global Employer Directory

Features corporate profiles for 400,000+ worldwide companies in industries like consumer goods, consulting services, finance, and information technology. A mixture of local and multinational employers are featured and includes data on sales, revenues, brands, officers, key contacts and more.

To create a target list of organizations that may employ someone with your skill set, click on the GoinGlobal Employer Directory link on the Main Page.

To browse the GoinGlobal Key Employer Directory:

  • Select Employer Directory on the Main Page
  • Enter your search criteria such as location, keyword, company name, etc.
  • This will create an alphabetical listing of companies that meet your search criteria.
  • Clicking on a company name will take you to the page with the information for that company.

Going Global Daily Job & Internship Listings

Include more than 16 million worldwide internship and job listings and feature employment opportunities that can be searched worldwide by country, industry and key word. In addition, you can search postings in foreign languages as well as receive job alert notifications for new postings (by clicking on the link called Create Search Agent). All job postings are updated daily.

To search the GoinGlobal Job/Internship Listings:

  • Click on Jobs/Internships on the Main Page.
  • Enter or select a location. Complete any additional parameters relevant to your search.
  • Once you obtain a list of positions that match your search criteria, you can receive job alert notifications for new listings. (Enter your e-mail and click Save)

For international students interested in working in North America, GoinGlobal offers USA and Canada City Career Guides which include a list of companies who have employed individuals on an H-1B Visa in the past 12 months. The City Career Guides also include resources such as: business and networking groups, resume guidelines, employment trends, cost of living data and more.