The Career Services Center of Marquette University understands that the career path of each student is different for various reasons. In this, our online resource center, you will find a variety of links and print material to fit many of your career needs. In addition, to aid students from traditionally under-represented groups, the Career Services Center has compiled population specific career-focused resources. In alignment with Marquette University's Statement on Human Dignity and Diversity, the Career Services Center, "recognizes and cherishes the dignity of each individual regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability or social class."

Online Resources

Links to Marquette-specific resources, online subscriptions, and our favorite sites

Handouts and Guides

All of the Marquette University Career Services Center Career Handouts and Guides conveniently located in one place. 

College and Major Specific Resources

Links to occupational information, Marquette-specific resources, professional websites, Marquette student organizations, professional associations, and LinkedIn groups, arranged by major.

Diverse Populations and Affinity Groups

Job Stories

Job Stories provide viewers the opportunity to hear from Marquette University alumni and Human Resources representatives on topics including college major selection; internship and job search strategies; a day-in-the-life; and skill development.

Find a Mentor

Marquette offers many opportunities to connect established alumni with students and/or young alumni for mentoring relationships.