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Fr. Flaherty


The Institute for Catholic Leadership develops the religious, managerial and instructional leadership skills of Catholic school principals, presidents and pastors through individual consultation; formal and informal peer-group gatherings; and the interpretation and application of research, best practices and innovative strategies. 


The Institute for Catholic Leadership seeks to provide an issue-oriented, practical approach to invigorating and sustaining the religious mission and Catholic identity of Catholic schools and institutions. This approach incorporates religious leadership and ongoing formation of individuals, integration of governing boards and operational practices, and a continual commitment to improving the instructional core of Catholic education.Vision Values

Building upon the experience and expertise of Marquette University’s 12 colleges and schools, as well as the thoughtful reflections of administrators and community members from across the educational and religious spectrum, the institute works in conjunction with numerous institutions of higher learning from the Milwaukee area and around the country to provide Catholic schools with useful, researched methods to address the changing educational landscape.    

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