Women and Girls of Color Initiative

Eligibility: All Marquette University tenure track and tenured faculty are eligible to apply. All other
full and part time faculty, staff, students, and community members are welcome to apply but must
partner with eligible faculty.
Proposal Requirements:
1.Coversheet: Please provide all names of applicants, department (organization or
neighborhood [if a local community member]), and the title of the project.

2. Abstract: Include a 250 word summary of your proposed project that is clearly written for a
nonspecialized audience.
3. Project Description: Clearly describe your project to a nonspecialized audience in no more
than three single-spaced pages using Times New Roman 12-point font. The following
subheadings are required:
a. Significance and Broader Impact: Provide a brief literature review and explanation
of the project’s value within the candidate’s disciplines and/or
organizations/communities. Proposals must explicitly state how the research adheres
to the social justice mission at the core of both the CGSS and MU.
b. Specific Research Objectives: Explain the specific aims of the project (ex. hypothesis
testing, etc.) Discuss how this project differs from, or extends, currently funded
c. Work Plan: Describe the methods you plan to employ to compete this project.
Explain how the tasks will be undertaken and be sure to provide a prospective
d. Relationship to Research Goals: Describe how the proposed work relates to each
candidate’s long term research and project goals and/or community engaged work.
Additionally, as we wish to encourage extramural grant applications, the potential for
getting additional external funding is a factor in assessing which projects will be
supported, explicitly discuss the plan for disseminating the results of the study either
through publications, conferences, and/or community forums.
4. References: Include all references in a consistent format. This is not included in the three
page limit.
5. Proposed Budget and Justification: Every component of the budget request must be fully
explained. The budget template will need to be completed.
6. Curriculum Vitae/Resume: All academic applicants (faculty and students) are required to
submit a CV. Make sure to highlight all publications, presentations, grants, and other items
relevant to the proposed project. All other applicants (community members and staff) can
submit either a CV or a resume.
Instruction for Submission: Proposals will only be accepted via email to cgss@marquette.edu. All email submissions should consist of two attachments:
1. A single PDF containing all of the items required for the proposal (see above: coversheet,
abstract, project description, references, proposed budget justification, and include each applicant’s
2. The completed budget template.




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