Title: Changing Responses to Dating Violence Precursor Behaviors: An Action Research Project with Girls of Color and Their Partners

Faculty: Kristin Haglund, Ruth Ann Belknap, Lisa Edwards, Juanita Terrie Garcia, and Mauricio Garnier-Villarreal

Abstract: The goal of this project is to assist girls of color and their partners recognize precursor behaviors to teen dating violence and to develop responses that mitigate the risk for violence both immediately and in the future. Involvement in TDV is often not intended or anticipated. Young people often lack awareness and recognition of behaviors that are known risks for violence in dating relationships. This can lead to responses to behaviors that escalate the situation. While dating violence occurs in all ethnic groups, the consequences for girls of color may be compounded by the intersectionality of multiple sources of oppression. For girls, experiencing TDV increases their risk for sexual violence, unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, decreased physical and mental health, and decreased academic achievement. Thus we are seeing to teach girls of color and their partners about risks of precursor behaviors and ways to respond that decrease risk for violence. In addition to dissemination of knowledge through presentations and publications, we intend to produce a monograph that includes scripts for scenarios, instructions and examples to extend the benefits of this project to a larger community.