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Through research, teaching, and service, the Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies aims to be the knowledge leader among Jesuit universities, nurturing a culture that explores, embraces, and celebrates diverse gendered experiences and identities. The Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies serves as a resource to all faculty, staff, and students across the university and greater Marquette and Milwaukee communities.

Students can get involved in the Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies in a multitude of ways, such as declaring a major or minor, enrolling in INGS courses, attending events, becoming a research assistant, joining our email list, and more!


Marquette University offers an array of scholarships as well as supports students admitted with external scholarships. The Center offers a list of external scholarships that support LGBT individuals and allies, women, and those studying gender and sexualities studies.


The CGSS offers funding for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research and attend professional conferences. Funding is provided across all disciplines but preference is given to students majoring in the Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexualities Studies Program. In the past, funding has been given to assist students' necessary material for dissertations. Funding is limited and approved by the director of the program. For inquires, please contact us.

INGS Program

The Gender and Sexualities Studies Program at Marquette University is an interdisciplinary program that explores the ways in which gender, race, class, sexuality, and other social identities and locals impact not only society, but the lived experiences of individuals and their social relationships in a national and transnational context.

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