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Vision: Through research, teaching, and service, the Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies aims to be the knowledge leader among Jesuit universities, nurturing a culture that explores, embraces, and celebrates diverse gendered experiences and identities.

The Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies is dedicated to encouraging and conducting research on gender and sexual diversity. Through community collaboration research the CGSS helps to address gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, disability, nationality, and religious inequalities experienced in the greater Milwaukee community.

Cream City Foundation Needs Assessment

In 2016, Cream City Foundation partnered with Marquette University's Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies to assess the needs and concerns facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, plus (LGBTQ+) people in southeast Wisconsin post marriage equality. Interviews were conducted with 27 leaders and representatives from 23 different organizations serving LGBTQ+ people in the southeastern Wisconsin. Respondents emphasized the diversity of identities, experiences, and oppressions within LGBTQ+ communities. Reoccurring themes include an emphasis on how the intersections of race, gender, and social class influence how LGBTQ+ identities are experienced and, thus, impact the specific issues their clients and community members face. Findings highlight the additional concerns facing LGBTQ+ people of color, those who are trans, who live in rural communities, and who are economically disadvantaged. Data suggests the increased need to focus on the root causes of the social problems confronting the most marginalized people within LGBTQ+ communities, as these groups are often in greater need for additional resources and support. Additionally, findings highlight the need for a deeper understanding how the intersections of race, class, gender identity, and sexuality influence the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ people in southeast Wisconsin.

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The Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies provides a bridge space supporting scholarly work and the lived experience of gender and sexualities.

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