Academic Media Production

Graphics, images and video in the classroom or online in D2L is a Pedagogical strategy to engage students who have grown up using the internet and communicating with text messaging, Instagram and Youtube. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides you with media experts that can create graphics, images and video to help communicate your class materials. The Academic Media Production team creates video, photography and graphics for the university and faculty. We can help you make online courses that engage your students, communicate clearly and creatively, and are customized to you, your course, and Marquette University.

AMP Resources


Provide photographic support to all areas of the University community including classroom support, research, events, D2L, web, social media and publications.  Consult with and teach faculty, staff and administrators effective use of images and communications software for online and D2L support process.

  • Dr. Donald Neumann, professor of Physical Therapy, gives a teaching demonstration.
  • Fall foliage surrounds the Marquette University archway on Wisconsin Avenue.
  • Dr. Donald Neumann, professor of Physical Therapy, gives a classroom lecture.
  • Dr. Eugenia Afinoguénova, professor of Spanish, stands in a virtual reality simulation at the Marquette Visualization Laboratory.
  • Autumn on the Marquette University campus


Video & Multimedia

Our AMP team includes experience video directors and multimedia experts. If you would some video content created, such as video discussions to emphasize lecture points, interviews with experts in the field, or lecture videos, we can guide you through the process to get or videos created and make sure those videos are accessible. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the video below.

Graphic Design

Instructional Design ModelDesign services are available to aid faculty by creating graphics that can visually communicate complex concepts or processes. When students are struggling to grasp a concept that has been written out, many times it helps to provide a visual representation of how elements relate to or effect one another. The use of Graphic Design can also help create continuity throughout courses within a program, this can help students make crossover connections from course to course.

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Process of working with AMP:

  1. Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning about a potential media project you like to have created. They will put you in contact with the proper resources within AMP.
  2. Set a meeting with AMP, one or all of us depending on the scope of your project. Bring along any examples that similar to what you’d like to create. Together we can review project and discuss the best solution for producing your content.
  3. AMP will produce your media.
  4. Review your media, and we will work with you on any questions, concerns, or revisions you’d like to make.