As Marquette continues to expand its reach to students through its online programs and courses, The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) strives to provide resources for faculty and staff that can be used to create excellence in their online classroom by using digitally accessible course content.

CTL currently offers faculty and staff three types of services:

  • Workshops focused specifically on creating digitally accessible course content.
  • Consultation Services that are offered as one-on-one sessions that address specific questions or concerns. CTL also offers consulting services to develop informational or training sessions that address the specific needs of a group, department, or college.
  • Online resources allowing faculty and staff to be proactive and independent as they create digital course content. The online resources include; guides, tutorials, checklists, policies and tools that you can use to test digital content.

To learn more about CTL's accessibility services, please contact Sheila Bernhardt

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