Badge FAQs for Learners

How do I earn a digital badge?

Each digital badge has different requirements. Review all the badges in our Badge Catalog. If you know which badge you would like to pursue, visit the Getting Started page.

What are the grade requirements for badge-related courses?

To earn a badge, the course must be passed with a letter grade of D or better. Non-credit badges do not have GPA requirements.

Are the Marquette digital badges secure and credible?

Yes. Marquette has selected industry leader Credly, a secure platform for earning, issuing, and displaying digital badges. Any time someone clicks on your badge, they will see the official description and requirements for the digital badge. Marquette is listed as the official issuer of your badge.

What types of badges are available to earn?

There are three types of digital badges: Educational Enhancement badges are offered to MU undergraduate students; Stackable Coursework badges are offered to persons who already hold a bachelor’s degree; and Professional Development badges are offered to all learners. To see your options, visit the Getting Started page.

Are there special badge fees or tuition costs?

There are no special fees for Educational Enhancement badges.
Stackable Coursework badges require you to pay whatever tuition and fees are required for the courses you are taking, and the badge comes to you, at no additional cost, once you complete the requirements and email us.
Professional Development badges are offered at competitive rates, based upon the anticipated time required to complete all activities. You can find costs for each badge on the Storefront.

What does “matriculated” mean?

The word “matriculated” refers to enrollment status. At Marquette, matriculated students have been accepted and may enroll in credit-bearing courses.

Who is eligible to earn a digital badge?

Anyone who is eligible to take the required courses may earn a badge. There is no special application for badge programs. Graduate courses only require a bachelor’s degree and an application as a non-matriculated student. Non-credit badges require no application at all. Students already matriculated into an academic program simply register for the course(s) required.

May I earn a Stackable Coursework badge while enrolled in a graduate degree program?

Yes. Simply take the required courses and achieve the appropriate grade.

How do Stackable Coursework badges work?

  1. Our graduate digital credentials are “stackable.” This means you can earn a badge, and those courses may be applied toward a designated master's degree or certificate.
  2. Once a degree has been completed, completed courses cannot be used for any other digital badges.
  3. Transfer credits from another institution cannot be applied toward digital badge requirements.

How many credits may I earn as a non-matriculated student?

No more than 12 credits of badge courses may have been taken as a non-matriculated student. Students earning digital badges should be sure to matriculate into the relevant master’s degree BEFORE they register for a 13th credit in a specific area. Students are welcome to earn as many badges as they like with their non-matriculated status; however, only 12 credits of those courses will ever be permitted to count toward a master’s degree. For more information, see the Graduate School Bulletin.

Do I need to apply to Marquette to earn a Stackable Coursework digital badge?

To complete any related course requirements for a badge, you must first apply and be admitted to the University as a non-matriculated student (meaning you are not currently pursuing a full degree). Depending on the badge, you will apply to the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Management. Keep in mind non-matriculated students cannot enroll in courses without first gaining acceptance.

Which department keeps record of my attempted and completed coursework?

The Office of the Registrar maintains all student records for the University.

May I use the same course for more than one badge?

Yes. You may use a course toward any badge for which it is required.

If I have already completed a course, may I apply them toward a digital badge?

Courses must have been completed in the last year to count toward a digital badge. Depending on the badge you are pursuing, there may be additional evaluation to determine your competency of a given skill.

How many digital badges may I earn?

There is no limit.

May I apply courses or accomplishments from other universities toward a badge?

No. Transfer credits or coursework are not applicable toward badge requirements.

Do I need permission to earn a badge?

  1. Some badges have an application process and/or are offered at select times.
  2. Certain courses may have pre-requisites or require the consent of the department chair. Please read the requirements carefully.
  3. Non-matriculated learners who intend to earn a Stackable Coursework badge must first apply to the Graduate School before enrolling in courses.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact Richard Anderson-Martinez, Badging Coordinator, at