Fall 2023 Communities of Practice

Participating Faculty Community of Practice

Participating faculty teach an abundance of undergraduate and graduate courses at Marquette, sharing their gifts and talents in all academic units across campus. As we know, participating faculty occupy a variety of spaces as educators on campus beyond typical tenure-stream faculty. They are often (but not always) teaching-intensive positions that bring a range of opportunities and challenges held by full-time and part-time faculty who want to provide valuable educational experiences to support student success.

This Fall 2023 Community of Practice is designed to focus on sharing and learning from a cross-section of perspectives from all academic units on campus to coalesce around issues of mutual importance to participating faculty, like teaching multiple sections of a class, teaching large classes, kinds of service and invisible labor, and the role that research and scholarship plays in their professional and personal lives. Participants must thus be participating faculty from any department on campus and can be adjunct (part-time) or full-time. In Spring 2023, Marquette’s Center for Teaching and Learning hosted Marquette’s first community of practice centered on participating faculty as essential educators. The CTL is thrilled to continue to focus on participating faculty this semester along with the support of the Student Success Initiative.

This CoP will also provide feedback for a special event to highlight participating faculty as essential educators in the second half of this semester. CoP members will be integral to helping support this event that seeks to shine a bright, important light on the work participating faculty members do across campus in the service of education for all Marquette’s students.

Registration is now open to participate in the Fall 2023 Community of Practice, which will meet on five Thursdays from 12:30-1:45 in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Participants who attend all five in-person meetings and support the fall participating faculty event will receive a $150 stipend. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Melissa Shew: melissa.shew@marquette.edu Registration is on a first come basis and is capped at 12 participants.


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Community of Practice meeting dates:

September 21

October 5

October 19

November 2

November 20-21: The Inaugural Marquette Participating Faculty Symposium

November 30