Faculty Learning Communities

The Center for Teaching and Learning hosts various opportunities for cross-disciplinary faculty across campus to come together, either in person or virtually, on a regular basis to enhance pedagogical expertise. Communities of Practice (CoP) have positive effects on teaching practice and student achievement (Vescio, Ross, & Adams, 2007). Often, participants in the CoPs discuss their subjective interpretations and application of a variety of books related to teaching and learning. Faculty who agree to participate in a CoP are provided a complimentary copy of the book or other materials to be discussed. 

Each instance of the CoP will typically focus on one book and interact regularly (seven to eight meetings) during a semester. All faculty and graduate student teaching assistants are welcome to participate. To see a list of upcoming CoP opportunities, please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning calendar.


Vescio, V., Ross, D., & Adams, A. (2007) A review of research on the impact of professional learning communities on teaching practice and student learning. Teaching and Teacher Education. 24(2008). 80-91.