Faculty Professional Development

The primary role of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to work with faculty as they develop outstanding learning opportunities for Marquette students.

Institutes and Workshops


The center offers a variety of concentrated programs designed to afford a more intensive professional development opportunities throughout the year. For example, our week-long e-Learning program offered in the Spring and our Summer Institute, which offers a back-to-school preparation opportunity for faculty.


The center offers a variety of workshops, either for general faculty or specific departments. Topics are based on research-based best practices in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The direction of our programming often reflect particular questions and challenges identified by Marquette faculty. Our workshops offer practical ideas that faculty can then implement into their own courses as best fits their needs and teaching style.

We are committed to responding to the needs and interests of our faculty; if there is a particular subject or issue that you would like to see addressed, contact Jen Maney, Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning or call the center at (414) 288-0263.


Teaching Consulting

The center offers one-on-one consulting with faculty on teaching related topics. Faculty and adjuncts can schedule a confidential, one-on-one appointment to discuss any issue about their teaching.

Likewise, faculty can request an observation of a classroom teaching session with a consultation follow up for written feedback. We can also assist with interpreting and responding to course-evaluation feedback.

Any topic, from implementing high impact practices in your courses (such as service learning, undergraduate research, and writing intensive courses) to documenting results of changes made in teaching we are available to assist. For more information on scheduling a consultation, please contact Jen Maney, Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Curriculum Consulting

The center is available to work with faculty and departments as they reflect, assess, and develop, realign and redesign their undergraduate curriculum.

We would be glad to help stakeholders define program goals and determine where they are introduced, reinforced and assessed throughout the undergraduate curriculum.

Educational Technology

Online course-design, video conferencing and more

In partnership with Academic Media Production, the Library, and Information Technology, the center offers faculty the opportunity to work with knowledgeable staff who can assist with the effective implementation of technology in the classroom and on-line. For further information please see our e-Learning page or call (414) 288-0263.