Funding and Grants

The Center for Teaching and Learning is currently offering the following grants, fellowships and stipends for faculty:

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SOTL) Travel Grants

(per funding availability, 5 grants of up to $500 each, provided annually)

To better support faculty / full-time instructors interested in pursuing research in educational development, curriculum design, and the scholarship of teaching and learning, the CTL will help offset the costs of attending conferences related specifically to the advancement of teaching and learning. To qualify, recipients must be on the conference program and should be willing to share their work with Marquette peers. Funding may be used for conference fees or travel expenses. This grant has a rolling application, and 1-page proposals, with justification for funding, may be sent to the Director of the CTL

Community Based Learning Seed Grants, "Problem Solving Seed Grants"

(per-funding availability —  4 grants per semester are available, up to $500 each)

Since 2013, faculty have been using community engagement seed grants towards applied learning opportunities for students who are doing community engaged learning. These seed grants must be used for supplies, site travel funds, and miscellaneous expenses, and cannot be used for faculty or student stipends. The Seed Grant has a rolling application and the proposal form may be found on the CTL website. Seed grants may be renewed once. Inquiries can be sent to Kim Jensen Bohat, Director, Service Learning Program at the Center for Teaching & Learning. Applications are continually accepted.

Research in Excellence for Online Learning

(per-funding availability — $3000 award for summer 2019 / Due April 18, 2019)

As Marquette increases its presence in online learning, this grant is an opportunity for faculty to work with a research consultant who specializes in online learning development and assessment. Dr. Faye Lesht is a Visiting Research Professor embedded in the Office of Online Learning. The faculty recipient of this grant would work with her over Summer 2019 through Spring of 2020 on an online learning research project. Faculty interested in working on a specific course, or set of courses, to assess student learning are encouraged to contact the Chief of Digital Learning, David Schejbal for further information.  

Virtual, Augmented, Immersive Reality in the Curriculum

(per-funding availability — $3000 award for summer 2019 / Due April 18, 2019)

This award can go to a faculty member looking to incorporate three immersive learning experiences using virtual reality, augmented reality, or immersive 3D virtualization into a course curriculum. $1000 of the award is applicable towards classroom equipment such as Google Cardboard headsets but not individual devices such as a PC, tablet or phone). Contact Director of the CTL for further information.

Haggerty Museum-Center for Teaching and Learning Curriculum Development Fund

(per-funding availability — $3000 award for summer 2019 / Due April 18, 2019)

This award is for faculty who seek to increase student literacy in the arts and/or connect STEM / Health Related disciplines with the arts. Proposals from faculty must incorporate at least three significant learning opportunities that draw from the Haggerty collection as part of their revised curriculum. Contact Director of the CTL for further information.

Undergraduate Research Funding

(per funding availability – up to $10,000 for summer undergraduate research opportunities. Funds are for supporting undergraduates for 8 weeks of research work with faculty over the summer.)

The CTL offers bridge funding for research fellowships to faculty seeking to initiate or continue undergraduate research opportunity programs. Most notably, the program is designed to mirror the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU). Preference for funding will be given to Principal Investigators who can best secure matching department and/or college funding. Contact Director of the CTL for further information.


If you would like more information or have questions, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (414) 288-0263 or