November 26, 2018


"I Teach at a Jesuit University, So What?" Seminar

Ignatian Pedagogy and Inclusive ClassroomsThe Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will be offering an 8-session seminar for faculty on Ignatian Pedagogy and the Inclusive Classroom entitled “I Teach at a Jesuit University, So What?” This seminar will support faculty in learning the elements of Ignatian pedagogy and how those elements will inform and support implementation of inclusive classroom practices in order to move forward the social justice identity of Marquette. Learning objectives include:

  1. Differentiate the elements of Ignatian pedagogy and synthesize them to provide collective meaning within your own classroom practice.
  2. Articulate practical ways in which Ignatian pedagogy and inclusivity could manifest in your classroom.
  3. Identify strategies to form individual relationships with students that could lead to equitable and just classrooms where every voice counts.

To learn more read this course summary. For information, contact Jennifer Maney at

Certificate of completion provided with 6 of 8 sessions attended.