A large number of Marquette students work part-time during the academic year; opportunities exist in most departments on campus. Our students have a reputation for being dependable, responsible employees, which makes them sought after in the off-campus community. If you would like to work part time during your college career, opportunities and assistance are available through: 

JobConnection (instructions)

  • A web based job posting program for Marquette students
  • Lists part-time positions for on and off campus
  • Listings include all the information necessary to apply for a job


  • From any computer on or off campus
  • Is available 24 hours a day
  • If you are a new incoming or transfer student, you will not be able to log in until early August

Applying for a job

  • You may contact departments to inquire if any vacancies exist
  • Apply for a job through JobConnection via e-mail
  • Apply directly either by phone, in person or mail
  • Apply for as many jobs as you have interest in

Other job opportunity resources

  • Job boards on the internet
  • Newspapers
  • Temporary help agencies

Connect to JobConnection now


Assistance with your job search is available from Student Employment Services.